Table of Contents:


Part 1
   1. I am not a body
   2. I am not alone
   3. I remember I'm dreaming
   4. I am innocent
   5. I am alive
   6. I am unafraid
   7. I join with God
   8. I am safe from attack
   9. I forgive beyond time
   10. I am without sin

Part 2
   11. I am free of dreams
   12. I join with my brother
   13. I welcome God's peace
   14. I am the truth I seek
   15. I give ahead of time
   16. I have no problems
   17. I am worthy of God
   18. I am joined with God
   19. I am Immortal Spirit
   20. I am here now

Part 3
   21. I am light
   22. I am not a separate self
   23. I am healthy
   24. I am forgiven
   25. I am like God
   26. I am peaceful
   27. I am holy
   28. I am not guilty
   29. I am happy
   30. I am love

Forgiven Mind

I Am Love - Book 1

Written by Paul West and Holy Spirit

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Excerpt - Introduction: I am a healer and this is my healing. I heal myself - I am everyone. I do this for all and not for another. We are all joined as One. I teach myself to heal through my willingness. I am willing to heal my mind. My friend Holy Spirit teaches me to heal as I allow myself to be healed. I and others are healed together. I am a teacher and a student. I am the healer and I am also healed. Holy Spirit shows the way.

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About the book:

I Am Love is a healing journey and affirmative reminder of your True Identity as Love. You are literally an extension of God's love. I Am Love seeks to undo illusions of ego guilt (which are based on unconscious beliefs in separation from God, sin and death) using an applied forgiveness process aligned with the teachings of A Course in Miracles. The book encourages a healing of false perceptions, a correction of mistaken thoughts and an expansion of the awareness of love's (God's) presence. Ultimately it seeks to remind you that your True Identity is Infinite Love, rather than a separate ego.

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Now read Chapter 13 for free - I welcome God's peace:

War has ended and is no more. It never was. Peace exists, here and now. I am surrounded only by the loving presence of my creator. I am an extension of peace. Peace is all I want and all I have. There is no disturbance or problem to fix. There are no worries or concerns or things gone wrong. Nothing is out of place. Nothing needs attending to. There is no work to be done. All loose ends are completed. All loss has been corrected. Everyone is reunited in a wholeness of love. All wounds have healed and all damage is undone. Here there is only the peace of God.

I believed in war and ends and sacrifice and let it run my mind. I used conflict to separate and openly welcomed my destruction. I wanted to destroy myself. I wanted loss and pain and agony over and over again. I didn't believe myself worthy of forgiveness. I thought I'd sinned forever. But I was simply mistaken. There is no war. There has been no loss, end or sacrifice. No love has died. Love is alive and I am alive. All are One, joined in peace, and peace is of God always.

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A forgiveness prayer from Holy Spirit:

You are more than you
appear to be.
You are Immortal Spirit.

The guilt that I thought
was in you is imagined guilt.
It is not in you and
it is not in me.

We are both innocent, whole
and equal as One.
Nothing has happened and
everything I thought happened
is undone.

Holy Spirit and I are
One at peace.

Fun Facts:

190 Pages

30 Chapters and an Introduction

The term "Holy Spirit" occurs exactly 100 times

The term "God" occurs 818 times (God Rocks!)

The book took about 2 months to write/channel and 3-4 months to prepare for publishing

Each chapter affirms what is true about you and undoes ego illusions

I Am Love - Book 2, is already underway!

And finally remember:

God loves you.

Available NOW in Paper Back at for only $17.77

Also NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon Kindle, iTunes, iBooks, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Barnes and Noble Nook for only $9.99

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